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Best Converting Articles

The articles are ordered 1 through 5 with the best converting ones first. Just cut and paste these and replace the links with your affiliate link.

For aggressive affilates you can buy general womens traffic and send it directly to one of the articles or Sale Letter page. With a high pulling banner this can be profitable.

Areas we've found to work:
Women's interest sites, like health and fitness, relationship advice, love and sex advice, dating websites, humor sites, fashion, psychology, housekeeping, cooking, pets, anywhere you can find a high percentage of women. We've gotten 10x returns with some of these.

1. 5 Signs He's In Love With You

2. 3 Simple Things Every Man Wants

3. 6 Signs He's Ready To Commit

4. 5 Ways To Create Instant Connection

5. 4 Easy Ways To Feel Happier

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